Looking Back: WDF visits IRH PH for the Accessing GDM Care Project

06 July
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Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) remains largely unknown in the Philippines despite the rise of diabetes in the country. Hyperglycemia during pregnancy poses great health risks and therefore a structured approach to diagnosis, treatment and prevention is needed.

The Accessing GDM Care Project (WDF16-1349) developed and implemented a pilot model for GDM diagnosis, treatment and follow-up within the public health care system in the Philippines (https://bit.ly/35VXlOh). This project worked to improve access to #GDM care in the country by establishing streamlined guidelines for GDM screening and care by working closely with the local health departments and training healthcare providers on GDM detection and management.

Last December 2019, the World Diabetes Foundation (@WorldDiabetesFoundation) visited the Philippines where they reviewed the new GDM patient registry at one of the community health centers and visited one of the many patients benefiting from the project. By far, the project has managed to improve risk screening, nutrition counseling and controls, resulting in the prevention of maternal deaths and stillbirth.

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